14th Cent. Visor Bascinet Helmet 1,6 mm Polished

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The wearer should have a head circumference of 57-61 cm (without hood). The leather helmet lining is cut into a cupped shape, can be adjusted and offers a comfortable wearing comfort, since the apex is not lying directly on the head. Furthermore the helm has a Kienriemmen. The inside is coated with rust-proof coating. Absolutely clean workmanship. Handwork !


Customer Reviews (1)

Good for the priceReview by DrveniSporet
Helmet overall looks good and will make a great addition to my kit. It's only mild steel, so I won't be using it for any sort of proper combat but it's great as a costume piece. I guess it would be fine for foam or silicone weapons and you could use it for light sparing or show combat, but I that's up to you.

However, I cannot give it 5 stars since it arrived with a few minor rust spots, the padding smells a bit (judging by the smell it was stored in a damp environment) and the leather strap that is holding the visor shut is almost halfway cut in one place so I'm not sure how long will it last before breaking. Still I'm giving it 4 stars since I got it with B-stock discount and for that price I cannot really complain too much.

There are a few more things that don't really affect the rating for me, but I feel like you should know before buying. First, the visor rivets are not very tight, so the visor cannot stay up unless it's held by hand. Second, the visor is not removable but I suppose that can easily be remedied by knocking out the current pins and replacing them with slightly narrower ones. Third, welding lines are visible on the inside of the helmet which don't bother me at the slightest, but just putting it out there in case you care about that sort of stuff.

Overall, my conclusion is that what you see in the pictures is what you get. It's not perfect, but for the price it's very good as far as I'm concerned. (Posted on 05/02/2024)

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